Gamers with 3GB graphics cards can no longer play Halo Infinite -

2023-04-18 22:35:43 By : Ms. Jinshi Tian

The latest update to Halo locks many gamers with older GPUs out of the game. 

Halo Infinite officially requires 4GB of VRAM, this was confirmed by Microsoft and 343 Industries in 2021 and has not changed since. The official PC hardware specs should be known to all players, especially those using the official Microsoft store where the same requirements are mentioned. However, Steam players will not find this information in the official spec list. 3090 Graphics Card

Gamers with 3GB graphics cards can no longer play Halo Infinite -

Needless to say, some gamers installed the game without knowing about these requirements. After all, all they see is the GTX 1050 Ti entry-level GPU or GTX 1060 listed as minimum, but the latter is also available with 3GB VRAM. Turns out, before the Season 3 update that has been released this month, 3GB GPUs were not completely locked out of the game. Many players could still run Halo Infinite despite launch errors being displayed. Especially the GTX 1060 3GB was performing quite well in low settings, many users have said.

Halo Infinite requires 4GB VRAM, Source: Reddit

Unfortunately, running Halo Infinite Season 3 with 3GB VRAM is no longer possible, the game will simply not start. This means that the official requirements should no longer be considered a recommendation, there is no way to go past this requirement anymore. Of course, it has only been a week since the new patch has been released, so maybe someone will find a way eventually.

Official Halo Infinite Requirements (2021), Source: 343 Industries

The last NVIDIA 3GB cards to launch were the GTX 1060 3GB (almost 7 years old now) and GTX 1050 3GB (5 year old) models. These are still capable GPUs for older gamers and MMO games, but the VRAM limitation is something very hard to overcome these days.

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Gamers with 3GB graphics cards can no longer play Halo Infinite -

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